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BlackTear, WuWorldwide Coalition DJ, BlackOut radio show CEO/host, emcee, military veteran, is here to put Detroit, MI on the map through lyricism ( and radio broadcasting. He has been gaining respect with industry rappers as well as in his local area. He is also a sponsored clothing artist for Rampage of Busta Rhyme's FlipMode group "Freedom Felons" brand, XS Energy Drinks, a promoter for Wu Tang Clan endorsed label Protect Ya Neck Records & Wu-Tang Management. As far as his radio show, it runs every Tuesday between 10pm-12am est and is considered a platform for unsigned and new artists to gain a buzz, He's interviewed Wu Tang Clan affiliates, G-Unit, No Limit Record, N.W.A, Def Jam Recordings and more. He also runs a radio show on Wednesdays/Sundays that he sponsors. If an industry artist isn't being interviewed, the show offers a fan call in edition where talent from all genres can call in and promote themselves everyTuesday. His website is


BlackTear - Can't Fuck With Me

BlackTear - Hustla's Ave

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