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Born in raised in philly, the projects where my peers, played ball, pool and became fathers at a early age. Since 14 years old I’ve been a music lover. I listened to lady b growing up and started recording the street beat every saturday night. Then I begin studying the most popular djs such as DJ Ran, DJ Touch Tone, DJ Cashmoney and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I used two tape decks and a gemini mixer, with mixed tapes by other DJs to play at venues in my beginning of my dj career. For two years I stacked my earning and got a pair of 1200’s. Day & Night I’ve Practice brought dvds of different djs and dmc battles trying to find my style, in 93’’ I found my signature sound.

DJ Decka

DJ Decka - Don't Sweat The Technic (Remastered)

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