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DJ Donor is a Dutch hiphopdj, mc and producer. Wu-Tang Management proudly announced he is one of the new official Wu-Tang Coalition Dj’s. His latest release, ‘My Kinda Hiphop’, is a great mixtape full of bouncing hiphoptracks and got a lot of attention from recordlabels like Protect Ya Neck Records and Universal but also from radiostations and hiphopblogs worldwide. He shared his stage with a lot of big names in Holland but also with international acts like ONYX and Mr. Funke (from The Lords of the Underground). He is well known for his mixes and scratches with bouncing hiphopbeats and played at all the major venues in Holland. One of the biggest radiostations, Radio538, has given him airplay to play his mixtape. He also teached many young dj-talents how to spin with vinyl. Dj Donor joined the successful hiphop/funkformation Nicotine. They were signed by Universal and released a couple of singles and showed up on MTV. As a Dutch mc Donor is booked with his hiphopact Nico Noot & Dj Donor with guestperformances by several wellknown artists. You could find them at festivals like Kwaku, Summerjam and Dutch Valley. As a producer Donor works with several international artists and is ready to team up with Protect Ya Neck Records. Dj Donor is sponsored by Pelle Pelle and Saucony and will show up in all kinds of places to share his point of view about everything around hiphop. Links Contact

Nicotine: Intro Dj Donor: My Kinda Hiphop Mixtape: RZA about the Wu Worldwide Dj Coalition:

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