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DJ Kane Cut has been djing since 1992 in the underground scene. Also known as Short C.U.T. He is well known as a battle rapper Crazy Kane in Frankfurt City Germany Hessen. "I love it when i´m on my 2 turntables and for sure that`s my way". Over the years, DJ Kane Cut chose to settle down for 12 years and take care of his family first. January 2015, He came back better than ever as an official Wu Tang DJ and is back on the 1`s and 2`s. DJ Kane Cut decided to express his talents as an official DJ and as a rapper. "Wuz good, enjoy my mixtapes and my remixes. It's yours truly DJ Kane Cut."

DJ Kane Cut

DJ Kane Cut - Classic Bombs Vol 1 R&B

DJ Kane Cut - Hiphop Mixtape Vol 1

DJ Kane Cut - Moove Dat Butt Vol 1

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